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Water heating is considered one of the principal causes of high energy costs and GHG emissions. To remedy this situation and promote efficient usage of non-conventional energy, the Indian government and various state & local governments have announced a bunch of incentives and rebates including those for solar water heater installations. When this fact is viewed in the light of the hard cash savings off energy bills, escalating energy prices, and the fact that a

solar water heater will more than pay for itself over its life unlike any water heater , the need to turn solar becomes just imperative. It must be remembered here that all the savings will accrue directly to the for their own use, once the initial investment is recovered, Apart from major financial benefits, usage of solar water heaters entails very many social and environm effectively. ental benefits, and Nuetech enables its customers to realize all these wonderful benefits comfortably and

Financial Benefits

At least 40% savings in electricity bills & other energy (gas, firewood, coal…) costs
Rebate on domestic usage bills from a number of state electricity boards, including Karnataka, Rajasthan, Uttaranchal and West Bengal – Other rebates in certain other places, including Delhi and Thane
Soft loans from a number of IREDA intermediary financial institutions: 2% interest for domestic and 3 % to 5 % interest for institutional and commercial users, payable in 60 EMIs, each EMI being almost equal to the monthly electricity bill savings
Capital subsidy of 1500 rupees per collector for commercial installations
One-time investment and average payback within 36 months (depending on power tariff and extent of usage) by way of rebate on electricity bills and savings in electricity usage. (A 3-member family using a 200-LPD solar water heater will earn back its investment in 3 years @ 6000 rupees every year)
Sizeable depreciation in the very first year for industrial installations

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Non-financial Benefits

Ready supply of hot water in all weathers, including cloudy and frosty days
Works on a locally & readily available–and the most powerful & most reliable--natural form of renewable energy
No fuel or refill
Near-zero wear & tear – Long & effective life span
No operational skills required -- Maintenance-free -- Absolutely safe to use
No interference with lifestyle
Important health benefits, thanks to better environment
Opportunity to fulfil a social and moral responsibility
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