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Direct Current from Sunrays

Nuetech has developed competence in Solar Photovoltaics (SPV) as well, and its SPV product offerings include solar home lighting systems, portable lanterns, kiosk & garden lighting, stand-alone street lights, custom-designed power packs, and power plants. These products are based on multi-and mono-crystalline PV modules and TFT (Thin Film Technologies), incorporating the conventional, long-life CFLs, as well as the innovative and efficient LED luminaires

Solar Home (Indoor) Lighting Systems

  • MNRE standard and custom-built models
  • Assembly of solar PV module, charge controller, battery bank, inverter and energy-efficient luminaries (CFLs, LEDs or SOX lamps)
  • Usable for mains or backup power
  • Particularly useful in remote and erratic-power-supply areas
  • Aesthetically designed for modern homes and commercial centres

Solar Street (Outdoor) Lighting Systems

  • MNRE standard and custom-built models - Dusk-to-dawn and automatic timer models
  • Assembly of solar PV module, pole with module mounting structure, battery bank, charge controller, photosensor, inverter and wiring
  • Energy-efficient luminaries available with CFLs, LEDs or SOX lamps
  • Rugged and weather-proof construction
  • Efficient and reliable lighting with consistent performance
  • Stand-alone lighting for peripheral roads, estates, security spots, gardens & parks, approach roads, lanes & bylanes, and residential & commercial places

Solar Power Packs:

  • Designs customized for particular loads and operation hours
  • Automatic on/off during power-cuts and load-shedding
  • Easy integration with existing electrical wiring and fittings
  • Reliable and uninterrupted power supply
  • Ideal for lighting of staircase and common utility areas in residential and commercial places
  • Turnkey projects undertaken

Solar Power Plants:

  • Solution for large-scale off-grid or grid-connected power generation
  • Hybrid power plants for large industrial applications
  • Centralized lighting systems for private and public sector units
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